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Why REV?

Responsibly and Reliably Powering Industry

Why REV?

Our custom solutions are designed to adapt to meet customer requirements while our flexibility allows us to fit an existing foot print for reduced down time. All of REV’s components are open sourced to suit each application and specification. We develop our solutions utilizing the best OEM machinery in the right combination to optimize performance while maintaining cost, ultimately providing the best designed solution.

“What sets REV apart is that we won’t simply identify an existing problem, we’ll provide our clients with recommendations toward a viable, long-term solution.” 

We’re a contributor to green wind energy and are environment friendly in many ways.

Some of REV’s environmentally friendly solutions include salvaging and reusing existing cabinets and enclosures, recycling scrap materials, replacing harmful asbestos insulation and switching to less hazardous materials such as vegetable-based transformer oils.

Retrofits can cost as much as 50 per cent less than the price of new equipment and installation downtime is significantly reduced while safety is maximized.