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Block Chain Power Products

REV offers a full complement of power distribution products from the Utility interconnection to the power distribution units (PDU’s) in custom built mobile data centres.

  • Distributions Transformer Skids
  • Medium Voltage Equipment
  • Mobile Data Centres
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Power Distribution Transformer Skids

REV has many designs for transformer power distribution skids to help adapt the distribution voltage to power servers. Each skid can power up to 4 data centres, which are scalable and can be arranged in multiples for larger sites.  

Our power distribution equipment is the safest in industry, proven through our robust design and by meeting industry standards. 

All units are designed to suit the application as well as the customer needs and are capable of remote operation and communications.

Medium Voltage equipment for connection to the power provider

Often, the biggest challenge at any greenfield blockchain data centre is the interconnection of the data centre to the customer supply. REV will design a main distribution skid to supply power to the transformer distribution skids, and ultimately the servers. The equipment is rated to suit the system. REV will meet the utility metering requirements and provide the communication features which allow the customer to access the system data parameters and allows for remote operation.

If you have questions about our block chain power products or would like to request a quote please email us at info@revusacorp.com or visit our contact page. 

Mobile Data Centres – I-Qube

REV has developed a mobile data centre which is designed for quick deployment, only requiring the interconnection of the power to get the servers up and running. The enclosure is a “High Cube” size (8.5 X 10 X 40 ft.) which is a standard load for transport. The server racking can be set up for any brand of server and has separate cold and hot aisles for effective cooling, with hot air recirculation for cold climates. We use a passive cooling system, which allows us to avoid using costly external fans. 

What separates REV I-Qube from our competitors is that we have an integral power distribution and PDU’s which are ultra-safe by design. The features of this design limit the fault current substantially, which improves overall safety for personnel. The cost per peta-hash is among the lowest in the industry and time to deploy is minimal, allowing our customers to realize revenue more quickly.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

The REV Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is an integral assembly with main breaker and up to 42 circuits at 250 or 277 volts to feed your mining equipment. Each outlet is individually fused for personnel protection and to minimize impact to other servers upon a power supply failure.

Being customizable to fit the site-specific server requirements, this is the most reliable and safe PDU on the market.